Sylvia Dekker

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The World of Cheongsam. The review of Mapping Motifs: An exploratory journey through fashion, cities and identities by Wessie Ling

by Nadja Stamselberg

Interview with Laura Daroca

by Otino Corsano

Interview with Stephen Lipman

by Otino Corsano

Art Galleries in Pakistan

by Niilofur Farrukh

Interview with Adam Stennett

by Otino Corsano

Life�s Lacuna: The Vanishing Pleasure Dome. A Review of Frank Rodick�s Exhibition �The Celestial Abattoir�

by Bob Black
ART POST Toronto, June issue, 2005

On Sontag On Contact 2005

by David Donald
ART POST Toronto, June issue, 2005


by P. Elaine Sharpe
Dislocation Magazine issue 15, 2005

Interview with David Liss [recorded Feb.16th 2005]

by Marina Black
ART POST Toronto, April issue, 2005

Interview with Mike Hoolboom at the editorial office of ART POST

by Marina Black
ART POST Toronto, February issue, 2005

Madeleine Marie Slavick

ebook available at LIGHTREADINGS.COM

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